Implementation Science at Work

Implementation Science at Work

Podcast Series

Implementation Science at Work

From the Impact Center at UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, we present ‘Implementation Science at Work.” Our guests work with systems, organizations, and communities to implement and scale up programs in an equitable and community conscious way. We delve into questions and strategies meant to help us tackle community health issues, reduce health disparities, and improve community and population outcomes through implementation. Throughout this podcast series, we will hear successful implementation stories and really see “Implementation Science at work”.


Episode 1: Community Engagement in Implementation Practice

We explore implementation at the community level, answering questions like what do successful community partnerships look like? How do you meet community members where they are? And what does on the ground program implementation look like?

Hosted by Meera Kumanan and featuring Will Aldridge, Pastor James D. Galliard, Lori Carter-Edwards, Qua’Tavia White, Molly Brown, & Dominique Campbell.

Episode 2: Equity in Implementation: from the Field to the Funders

We learn more about the Triple P Positive Parenting Program and how it is equitably adapted into different community contexts. We also hear about how funding structures can support equity-driven implementation.

Hosted by Meera Kumanan and featuring Courtney Towne, Sara van Driel, & Gladys Hairston.

Episode 3: From Hierarchy to Co-creation in the California Foster Care System

We explore how organizations and systems can progress from hierarchical decision making structures to co-creation that drive program and population outcomes. We answer questions like how a system embedded in bureaucracy shift its power balance to include diverse voices in decision making? What is adaptive leadership and how can we use it to impact institutional bias and promote equity?

Hosted by Alexis Kirk and featuring Mark Lapiz.

Episode 4: Policy Implementation: Creating Supportive Infrastructure and Systems

We discuss the role of implementation in supporting systems to successfully translate policy for the public’s benefit. We hear about frameworks that inform policy implementation to reach desired outcomes, and answer questions like, ‘How is authentic co-creation a key part of policy implementation?’ Hosted by Meera Kumanan and featuring Robin Jenkins and Diana ‘Denni’ Fishbein from the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.

Hosted by Meera Kumanan and featuring Robin Jenkins and Diana ‘Denni’ Fishbein from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Episode 5: Planning for Sustainability

In this episode, we hear about one of the biggest challenges in implementation science: sustainability. Listen as we delve into the connections between program development, evaluation, equity, community engagement, and sustainability. We discuss questions like, ‘How do structural racism, community trust, program selection and adaption influence whether a program is successful over time?’

Hosted by Meera Kumanan and featuring Rachel Shelton (Associate Professor, Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University).

Episode 6: Why We Can’t Self-Care our Way out of Burnout

This episode explores how to resist common solutions to burnout, the concept of community care, how organizations can promote workplace wellness, and how we can use familiar implementation practice strategies to start addressing burnout in the workplace.

Featuring Sherra Lawrence, Kimberly Maloney, and Jessica Reed, Implementation Specialists at the Impact Center at Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Episode 7: Good Leadership

What makes a good leader? Cathy Henderson and James Wright from the Mecklenburg County Health Department in Charlotte, North Carolina share thoughts about good leaders, ‘not so good’ leaders, challenges, as well as personal stories about who and what influenced their leadership journeys.

Hosted by Sandy Diehl and featuring Cathy Henderson and James Wright.