Quality and Outcome Monitoring

Quality & Outcome Monitoring in Action

We're developing a measure of the resources and abilities of implementation teams to apply implementation best practices with confidence and competence.

What We Do

Quality and Outcome Monitoring for Improvement

Promoting the use of data to support system-wide learning and improve the outcomes of program, practice, and policy implementation by:

Developing quality assurance and improvement resources for communities and states

Improving the support we provide to community and state partners

Supporting implementation evaluation

Advancing Implementation Science and research

We believe that we must practice what we preach: use data to get better.
Improve the support we provide to our project partners
Inform the effective practice of implementation support within the implementation science field
Utilize implementation science and research to inform project activities and the foundation of our Center

What this looks like

We work to:

  • Identify resources for the monitoring of local implementation processes
  • Contribute to the design of local quality and outcome monitoring systems
  • Develop the abilities of state and community partners to visualize and use data in meaningful ways
  • Monitor and improve the direct support being provided to state and community project partners by The Impact Center at FPG's Implementation Specialists
  • Evaluate implementation outcomes like assessing system readiness, capacities, practices and performance
  • Measure program or practice feasibility, acceptability, appropriateness, reach, fidelity, and sustainability for stronger child, family, and community outcomes

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