Children's Trust of South Carolina

Implementation Support in Action at the State/Regional Level

Since early 2018, a team from The Impact Center at FPG’s Implementation Capacity for Triple P project in South Carolina has been partnering with Children’s Trust of South Carolina, the Intermediary Organization responsible for the statewide expansion of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.  The initial work, in partnership with leadership and team members at Children’s Trust, was to gather data and information about existing strengths, developmental needs, resources, abilities, and partnerships in relation to the capacities needed to fully support communities.  The culmination of this exploration of strengths and needs was the development of a plan addressing capacity building goals and strategies in five areas of support:

(1) Implementation support for evidence-based practices;

(2) Research, Evaluation and Data-Linking;

(3) Partnership Engagement and Communication;

(4) Workforce Development; and

(3) Policy and Finance.

The support provided has led to the development of key capacities which have operationalized their intermediary functions.  Children’s Trust team members have reported that our support has been critical in designing the expansion of Triple P through the development of a model expansion plan for identified counties, an evaluation plan and the activating agency selection process and readiness criteria